Buffer vs. Buffer: Half Brothers, Total Vengeance

I was watching UFC tonight and really couldn't help but get annoyed by ring announcer Bruce Buffer. He looked down at his cue card every third word and his voice just isn't anything special. Bruce simply doesn't hold a candle to his half brother Michael, who's voice is synonymous with ring announcing. Basically, I just wanted to complain that baby Buffer is probably getting paid good coin to announce UFC fights and he really has no discernable skills, other than having the Buffer name. However, then I caught this article on KnucklePit.com that further explains their relationship and business together.

Bruce and Michael Buffer were long-lost half-brothers when they first met 15 years ago. At the time, Michael had already been announcing for eight years. Three years after their first meeting, Bruce took over as Michael’s manager and he noticed there was no solid protection for the merchandising of Michael’s "Let’s Get Ready To Rumble®" trademark.

Today, Buffer Enterprises Inc. has grossed retail sales of over $400,000,000 through licensing of the "Let’s Get Ready To Rumble®" trademark. Some of the company’s many successful ventures include the "Ready 2 Rumble Boxing" video game franchise by Midway, Rumble Robots by Trendmasters, "Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Ring" by Manly Toy Quest, WCW Wrestling toys by ToyBiz and the "Ready to Rumble" movie by Warner Bros.